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Live from The Space Shed: LIFT OFF! Our first live YouTube broadcast

We’ve officially launched The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! and that means our first live broadcast, coming to you from UNSA’s HQ The Space Shed, is available to watch now.

In our inaugural live broadcast, Jon Spooner, Director of Human Spaceflight, and Mini Jon launch Mission 0, UNSA’s Space M.O.M (Mission Operations Manager) Sarah Webb answers your questions and Mini Jon shares of the first of his ‘Top Tips For Lockdown’.

We’ll be broadcasting live from UNSA’s YouTube channel, every Wednesday (10am, BST) and Friday (2pm, BST). Don’t worry if you can’t join us at these times though, all broadcasts will stay on our YouTube channel for you to watch later. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

We’re super excited about our next guests in The Space Shed. On Wednesday 6th at 10am BST, we’ll be joined by astronomer Liz Avery from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and at 2pm BST on Friday 8th, we’ll be chatting with ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

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