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Happy international podcast day! To celebrate, we’ve released our interview with the late Apollo 15 command module pilot, Al Worden

Live from The Space Shed with Al Worden

The bonus episode of our podcast Live from The Space Shed has landed! For this episode we were at New Scientist Live 2019 as their “performance stage”, hosting workshops, talks and interviews with some of the UK’s leading scientists and researchers. One of the (many) highlights was hosting an interview and Q&A with astronaut Al Worden who piloted the Apollo 15 command module to The Moon in 1971.

We’re releasing this episode for International Podcast Day to celebrate Al’s life after he passed away earlier this year. 2020 really hasn’t pulled any punches, eh? To continue the celebration, Jon and Mini Jon will also be talking with Al’s European Manager and friend, Vix Southgate. Don’t forget to join us live on our YouTube channel today at 2pm.

In this episode Al and Jon chat about:

  • his astronaut training
  • his Guinness World record
  • his favourite sci-fi films
  • his relationships with other Apollo astronauts
  • why at 87 years old he still considered himself the best crew member for a mission to Mars

and he answers questions from the New Scientist Live audience

Have a listen using the player below, or download at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Al’s legacy feed on Twitter @WordenAlfred

Website alworden.com

The Al Worden “Endeavour” Scholarship