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Mission 6 is live! It’s the final Mission, and we’re going out with a bang… It’s time to Build & Launch a Rocket!

Calling all Astro Science Challenge Team Leaders and Cadets
re you ready to start Mission 6: Build & Launch a Rocket?

The Mission Briefing and playlist are now live on our YouTube channel. You’re joined by hundreds of other Cadets in diving into the last Mission. Very soon you’ll be a fully fledged Agent of UNSA. This Mission was designed in collaboration with The Science Museum and guides you and your Cadet(s) in creating and launching your very own rocket. COOL!

This Mission also includes the opportunity for Cadets to write to Tim Peake or Mini Jon telling them all about what you’ve learnt on your journey to becoming an Agent of UNSA. Don’t forget to join us for the Cadet Graduation on Thursday 18th June over on YouTube.

If you’ve just found out about the Astro Science Challenge and are worried you’ve missed out, don’t be! The Missions, resources and broadcasts will all still be available after Graduation, so you can take part any time. If you’d like to take a look at the emails we’ve been sending out for our live edition, sign up to our mailing list using the button below and head over to the email archive linked in your welcome email.

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