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Want to learn more about space engineering? Here’s our interview with Abbie Hutty

When we’re out and about with UNSA HQ’s The Space Shed, we do a little bit of everything – from telling stories that inspire the next generation to DJ sets and hosting conversations with scientists and climate experts. We share these conversations through our podcast, Live From The Space Shed.

In this episode, Jon Spooner our Director of Human Spaceflight interviews Abbie Hutty who has been working as the lead structures engineer on the European Space Agency’s ExoMars rover. Abbie and Jon discuss:

• How she became a space engineer
• Why she’s building a rover to go to Mars
• Why she’s confident about finding new life forms on Mars

and she answers questions on:

• what sort of life she’s expecting to find there
• What her favourite planet is and why
• what inspired her to work in the space industry
• how she responds to people who believe the Earth is flat

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