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Water fights on the ISS and more with our latest Live from The Space Shed guest, NASA astronaut Suni Williams

Live from The Space Shed with Suni Williams

We’re still recovering from the excitement of our final live Mission Broadcast with very special guest NASA astronaut and all-round wonderful woman, Suni Williams. Suni is currently preparing for her third mission to the ISS, aboard the second crewed flight for Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft.

UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight Operations Jon and astronaut Mini Jon chat to Suni about her journey to becoming an astronaut as a woman of colour, her favourite experiment and spacewalk while in space, and the new commercial missions with SpaceX and Boeing. They also cover the similarly interesting topics of water fights, clothes washing, breaking things and bad smells on the ISS.

For all of this, and to find out whether Mini Jon makes it onto the crew of Suni’s next mission, watch above or head on over to our YouTube channel using the button below. Don’t forget to subscribe!

You can follow Suni on Twitter and find out more about her journey on NASA’s website.


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